Jey Art Studio offers drawing and painting classes to different age groups ages 5+


Drawing Basics

Drawing is a fundamental skill for a visual artist. It is about learning to see a vision and then transporting it onto paper through a variety of marking techniques. Getting to know drawing tools is necessary to start your drawing journey. In this course, students will learn the basics of drawing as beginners. Skills taught include lines, shapes, circumference lines, linear perspective, still life, etc.

drawing intermediate

Drawing Intermediate

This course is for students who have the basic skills of drawing. In this class students will learn about a variety of drawing materials and skills such as lights and shadows, creating textures, nature, flowers and animals.

Drawing advanced

Drawing Advanced

In this advanced course, students learn the principles of the human body, face, figure, and portrait drawing.

Oil and Color

Building on skills learned from drawing, students in this course will start with basic oil and color skills such as color mix, color wheel, color palette arrangement, and brush control. To start, students will choose simple models with instructor consultation and gradually advance to glazing and pallet knife technique.


Pastel Painting

Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, this course is designed for those who want to dive into pastel painting. Hands-on training with soft pastel and paper.


Relief Painting

Relief painting is based on students' ability to understand light and color basics. During the training, students learn how to make 3-d objects and shapes and work with different materials.